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Latest Memo from Marcia Parks, May 19, 2008

This week we start blocking the Show. EVERYONE is to be at rehearsal Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 6p to 9p unless you have already turned in a conflict date. We will be working on ACT I. Bring a pencil and paper so you can take notes. If you have never done blocking before, this will be a very good experience to learn how we make the Show go from beginning to end and tell a story.
If, for whatever reason, you are not able to be at rehearsal, please call me or send me an email ahead of time. Please do not just not show up. We are getting into the CRITICAL part of putting our Show together and we need everyone there.
If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me.
AND YES, we are off Saturday, Sunday and Monday for the Memorial Day Weekend.
Come early and be prepared to start at 6pm.
Thank you