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Rehearsals Memo from Marcia Parks… May 28

Here is what your rehearsal schedule is for this week and next.
May 27, 29 & 30 6p to 9p at the ATMOS Building
May 31 (Saturday) 10a to 12n Vocal Review and 1p to 4p Choreography (Mega Mix)
No Sunday rehearsal
No Monday rehearsal
Beginning on Tuesday, June 3rd, we will be able to use the Theatre for some rehearsals
June 3 at the Theatre Work ACT II
June 5 and 6 Run the entire Show at the Theatre
Saturday, June 7, Vocal Review 10a to 12n at the ATMOS Building and 1p to 4p Choreography Review at the ATMOS Building
From here on out everyone needs to come to all of the rehearsals. Please be sure to SIGN IN, a lot of you are forgetting to do that. Also, parents, if you are picking up your child come about 15 minutes early. We have been getting finished a little early each rehearsal. That would be greatly appreciated.
Everything is looking Great. You all are doing a wonderful job. Harry and I would like to see more smiling faces. Have fun, it is a Great Show!

P.S. Be sure to check where the rehearsals are since we are going to start swaping between ATMOS and the Theatre.