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Waiting for the Teacher… QT for Mar. 5, 2008

Psalm 25:5 “…For You, I will wait all the day.”  I remember from my academic days, that when an instructor was late to a class, there was a loose protocol as to how long the class should wait for him to arrive and begin teaching.  If the class was led by a teaching assistant, only 5 min need they wait.  But if it was a full professor with a doctorate, then 10 min..  If he/she was a Dean of the school, then 15 min.  The theory was that the greater professor’s words were worth waiting for longer.  Thus the Psalmist says that for God one should wait the whole day for His presence and instruction.  Whenever I seek Him, I wonder am I as determined to hear from Him, that I will wait with regard to whom I am seeking?  Surely He deserves such honor… and tires of the learner who waits just a few moments and goes his way… not caring if he leaves in ignorance… and unwisely.  The One I wait for is the Founder of the School of Life… perhaps I would do well to tarry longer.

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  • We are all in too much of a hurry…

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