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So Teach Us to Number Our Days

…Came across these familiar words from Psalm 90:12 and got to wondering, “How many days have I lived to far… and how many do I have left… if I live to age 70?” Well the answer is that, as of the date of this posting, I am on day 16031, with 9536 left… that is a sobering thought. I have tended, like most folks, to treat days like I have an unlimited supply. What a foolish thing to do… my days are limited… Finite… I should make the most of every one… make it count… for of all the things that I CAN get more of… time is NOT one of them. Do you know what day you are on? I promise you if you take the time to figure it out, you will reconsider the priorities of this all-too-short journey. Have you numbered your days?

The Clock is Ticking…

The Clock is tickingÂ…

One thought on “So Teach Us to Number Our Days

  • For me, it’s 21,170 down, 4380 to go. That’s a sobering thought.

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