Just Plain Blaine

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Marcia Memo, June 2 Rehearsal/Painting

Our rehearsals this week are as follows:
Tuesday 6/3/08 – Run Show – 6p to 9p at the Theatre
Thursday 6/5/08 – Run Show – 6p to 9p at the Theatre
Friday 6/6/08 – Run Show – 6p to 9p at the Theatre
Saturday 6/7/08 – Run Show – 10a to 12n & 1p to 4p at the ATMOS Building
Sunday – OFF

When you come to the Theatre please stay in the Lobby until the Camp is finished and out of the Auditorium. Be Quiet and try not to disturb them. The sign up sheet will be in the Lobby.

REMEMBER: No food in the Theatre and all cell phones must be turned OFF.

Beginning on Tuesday night we will need parents and/or siblings at least 15 years old to start painting base coats on the set pieces. They will be working in the Scene Shop while we are rehearsing. Anyone that is available please come prepared to paint on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

If you have any questions, please give me a call.
See you soon.