Just Plain Blaine

A few notes… some inspirational, some occasional, but mostly just plain Blaine…


Rehearsals Memo from Marcia Parks… June 6

Tomorrow, Saturday, we will rehearse at the ATMOS Building from 10a to 12n and then again from 1p to 4p.

Sunday – Off

Monday – 6p to 9p at the Theatre

Tuesday – 6p to 9p at the Theatre

Thursday – 6p to 9p at the Theatre

Friday – 6p to 9p at the ATMOS Building

Saturday – 10a to 1p at the ATMOS Building

Sunday – 2p to 5p at the ATMOS Building

Dress Rehearsals begin on Monday, 6/16/08, be sure you have the shoes and any other costume piece you have been asked to bring. The Dress Rehearsals will run 6pm until we finish every night Monday thru Thursday.

REMINDER: there are NO absences during Dress Rehearsal or the Performances. If you have an emergency, please call me immediately.