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Ballet Memo …Parks June 6

Saturday, June 7th, 2008

Cindy has asked that the girls in the Ballet meet at the Theatre on Tuesday to rehearse upstairs in the large dressing room from 5p to 5:30p. Then the girls in the Potiphar number, including Marissa, meet at 5:30p to rehearse the tap number until 6p. Please do not come through the Auditorium. Go down the hallway, behind stage and through the scene shop and then upstairs.

Don’t forget, we need to tweek these numbers  a little bit.



Parent Meeting … Marcia…

Saturday, June 7th, 2008

There will be a Parent Meeting on Tuesday night, 6/10/08 at 6:30pm at the Theatre in the Lobby. Siblings 15 yrs and older are welcome as well. We will discuss Ushering, Working in the Lobby, Help in the dressing rooms and Child Wranglers. These positions are needed for every performance. 

Thank you for your prompt attention. See you on Tuesday.


Rehearsals Memo from Marcia Parks… June 6

Saturday, June 7th, 2008

Tomorrow, Saturday, we will rehearse at the ATMOS Building from 10a to 12n and then again from 1p to 4p.

Sunday – Off

Monday – 6p to 9p at the Theatre

Tuesday – 6p to 9p at the Theatre

Thursday – 6p to 9p at the Theatre

Friday – 6p to 9p at the ATMOS Building

Saturday – 10a to 1p at the ATMOS Building

Sunday – 2p to 5p at the ATMOS Building

Dress Rehearsals begin on Monday, 6/16/08, be sure you have the shoes and any other costume piece you have been asked to bring. The Dress Rehearsals will run 6pm until we finish every night Monday thru Thursday.

REMINDER: there are NO absences during Dress Rehearsal or the Performances. If you have an emergency, please call me immediately.

Marcia Memo, June 2 Rehearsal/Painting

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

Our rehearsals this week are as follows:
Tuesday 6/3/08 – Run Show – 6p to 9p at the Theatre
Thursday 6/5/08 – Run Show – 6p to 9p at the Theatre
Friday 6/6/08 – Run Show – 6p to 9p at the Theatre
Saturday 6/7/08 – Run Show – 10a to 12n & 1p to 4p at the ATMOS Building
Sunday – OFF

When you come to the Theatre please stay in the Lobby until the Camp is finished and out of the Auditorium. Be Quiet and try not to disturb them. The sign up sheet will be in the Lobby.

REMEMBER: No food in the Theatre and all cell phones must be turned OFF.

Beginning on Tuesday night we will need parents and/or siblings at least 15 years old to start painting base coats on the set pieces. They will be working in the Scene Shop while we are rehearsing. Anyone that is available please come prepared to paint on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

If you have any questions, please give me a call.
See you soon.